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1 mars 2019 5 01 /03 /mars /2019 08:30
Tirage au sort de mon dossard - Bib drawing

Tirage au sort de mon dossard - Bib drawing

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Le départ cérémonial de l’Iditarod aura lieu samedi 2 mars d’Anchorage, le départ officiel, dimanche 3 mars de Willow.

Cette année, je pars avec 14 chiens et non 16 comme l’autorisait le règlement jusqu’à l’année dernière.

Le vet check s’est bien passé, les blood tests et ECG aussi. Sur la ligne de départ seront donc présents : Echo, Volt, Gamine, Gipsy, Falcon, Razor, Bison, Elim, Gin Gin, Hercule, Hermione, Huslia, Hug et Hobbit. Les 5 derniers étant de jeunes chiens, j’aborde cette Iditarod 2019 avec une équipe « ça passe ou ça casse ! » (make or break !).

Nous partirons en 27ème  position, ayant tiré le dossard n° 27


The ceremonial start of the Iditarod will take place on Saturday, March 2nd, in Anchorage, the official start, Sunday, March 3rd from Willow.
This year, I'm leaving with 14 dogs and not 16 as allowed by the rules until last year.
The vet check went well, blood tests and ECG too. On the starting line will therefore be present: Echo, Volt, Gamine, Gypsy, Falcon, Razor, Bison, Elim, Gin Gin, Hercules, Hermione, Huslia, Hug and Hobbit. The last 5 being young dogs, I approach this Iditarod 2019 with a team " make or break! »

We will start in 27th position, having pulled the bib n° 27

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You dont want to retire from the race on a scratch! One more year. You are tough and can do it.
I am from Alaska but now live in Florida, had to leave Alaska due to health problems and i lived too far from Fairbanks. If you ran the Quest,you went right by my cabin when you went to the checkpoint in Central. so it is easy for me to talk. Best of luck to you what ever you decide to do. Just thought you would like a friendly voice. I am 14 years older than you are, and just think it is great that you like the Yukon. Great people there. My very best to you, Chris Kriendler
Thank you Chris, I feel better know! Maybe, I will race again!